Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rainbow Birthday Party

Our theme for my daughter's 9th birthday was Rainbow. We had so much fun with this one! I used crepe paper to make a rainbow in our kitchen window and used tissue paper to make tissue poms.

It was simple to make the tissue poms. I actually found instructions on Pinterest, one of my favorite places to search when I'm feeling creative. I found just about everything for a $1 at one of our local dollar stores. We decorated the outside area for our painting activity with balloon bouquets. My sister bought the canvas for each girl and painted each one a different color. Then she attached a cutout of a butterfly for the girls to paint over.

We bought smocks from a site online at a great price and put plastic cups for the water and paper plates for their paint. They had so much fun! Some of them got really creative and others you could tell just didn't have a vision. Each girl enjoyed showing their painting to their parent when it was pick up time. We had them paint on the Friday so it would have time to dry. Once dry we removed the butterfly. It was so neat!

We had so many snacks and realized we did way too much but it looked so pretty once it was all out!

I made a list of my daughter's favorite fruits. I went to the store and just bought what colors would make a beautiful rainbow and it came out so pretty! Then I used mini marshmallows to make the clouds. I had to recreate the rainbow several times because it was a big hit! It was a good healthy alternative to candy and sweets.

No sweets? Oh please! We had some serious sweets at this party! My most tedious one was the M&M display. Instead of being a better planner I waited too long to order M&M's in each color so I had to buy bags and bags of regular M&M's to create my display. It was worth it!

We also just picked up some sour rainbow belts, colored goldfish snacks, and other random snacks.

We found a wonderful idea to create a rainbow in a cup with popsicles. We used the ones that come in the plastic tubes. It was very cute! Before cutting the popsicle open we used big spoons to gently mash them so they would pour out instead of being little cubes of popsicle.

One of our other great idea finds was the rainbow sherbet in 7-up. The kids loved it and it looked adorable! I found the cups online for a great price and the straws from our local dollar store.

Now our favorite part was the cake. My sister made everything from scratch! She found a recipe for the batter and the icing. It was delicious! We aren't real big cake eaters so having the small layers with icing in between was much better than the big thick layers of cake people normally make. Also I found the lollipops at the same site I found the cups and smocks. It helped that I had a coupon too! We put the lollipops in popcorn kernels inside different shaped vases. It came out so cute!

The party was a huge success! We all had a great time. It did help that I also had a 24ft water slide in our backyard with an above ground pool to entertain them! My daughter and her friends truly enjoyed themselves. My sisters, my mom, and myself worked very hard but had a great time together making this theme come together. I hope my ideas and finds have helped in some way. Have a great time!


  1. I'm so happy I found your page. I too love Pintesest. Who doesn't right. Anyways I am doing rainbow theme for my daughter's 2nd birthday. I was wondering how you made the cake slices so thin. I see the other posts and they are giant cakes. Help please.

    1. We split the batter evenly into bowls, dyed each layer, then baked them. We used a cake slicer to even out the layers that were a little bigger. I absolutely love how this one turned out! Good luck with yours!

  2. You have a beautifully yummy blog!